Assessing the impact of a Family Innovation Fund's intervention services| Ethnographic Research
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About This Project

Assessing the impact of a ‘Family Innovation Fund’ programme / Essex County Council


Essex County Council’s new ‘Family Innovation Fund’ programme aims to help families and individuals in volatile situations build resilience, and reduce their reliance on statutory support. The programme is being implemented by six different partners across the region, each offering their own intervention service. As such, the client asked us to visited different families, to find out: what impact, if any, have these interventions had? And where could they be improved?


We produced some ethnographic case studies, which contributed to a wider written report. Each family were recipients of different forms of intervention, and had their own story to tell. The video above follows 12-year-old Lewis, who had been experiencing extreme behaviour at home. We looked at the context leading up to referral, the experience of support, and the overall impact. As the videos have only just been signed off and the report is still in its finishing stages, we don’t yet know what the long-term results will be, only that the client “loves it! Very happy with both videos…”


Having only just been signed off, a formal testimonial is still to come. In the meantime, our client has emailed to say: “What a wonderful way to see the impact of programmes we’re trying to understand. Really highlights the importance of understanding the changes for the whole family – not just the child receiving the intervention and the parent(s) – but the siblings and others who might live at home. If ever there was evidence of holistic interventions – really great.”

– Lead Researcher at Essex County Council


Close-Up Recent Work