Experiences Of Integrated Care Exchange | Ethnography
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About This Project

Integrated Care Exchange Programme / AQuA


The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) ran an exchange programme for healthcare professionals in Oldham, to visit their equivalent peers in Catalonia.

As such, our client wanted to know: how well did the international exchange programme run? And what were the key ‘integrated care’ insights?


We followed seven participants on their trip, and the return exchange, to observe, document, and analyse how well the programme ran and how it could be improved. Our focus was on understanding participants’: aims & expectations, actual experiences, and overall learning.

The film above is a shorter version of our video report, edited down for AQuA’s communications department, and used at the International Foundation for Integrated Care conference. The longer version is included in AQuA’s educational online toolkit.


“You were very flexible in meeting our needs, which weren’t altogether straightforward and did change over time! You listened to our requirements and asked us a lot of good questions to help us think it through. We, and our exchange participants, liked and trusted you, and you responded to our feedback very quickly and flexibly throughout.

The final product was excellent, and used at events, such as the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) conference, and as a member resource on our website.

I’d recommend Close-Up Research to others to give an honest, in-depth look at work being undertaken. You ask good questions, and give a polished final product.

You have a wealth of experience, really listen to the client, and provide excellent results which meet client needs.”

– Project Co-ordinator at AQuA

Case Studies