We’ve been researching how people live, and making films in the process, for over twenty years. Our insights help improve the design and delivery of products, services and public policy.

Our speciality is ethnographic research. That means spending time with people in their own surroundings, camera in hand, to see for ourselves what affects people’s behaviours and why.

We take a holistic and empirical approach to our research, considering a range of factors – from the psychological and physiological, to the economic and environmental.

We use video because it’s a powerful way to record and explore the way people live, and to communicate findings.

  • Observe

  • Document

  • Analyse


Deeper behavioural insights:

By exploring real lives in context, we can spot the differences between what people say they do or feel, with how their actions appear.

Better design & strategy:

By being informed and inspired by people’s real-life experiences, we can more effectively identify needs and help tailor products / services.

More effective communication & engagement:

By showing how people live close-up, we can bring evidence to life through storytelling, and make rich, intimate cases that resonate.

Deeper behavioural insights0%
Better design & strategy0%
More effective communication & engagement0%


We’re an international mix of nosey geeks and creative types, with a love of design, people’s stories and problem solving.

We include anthropologists, filmmakers, designers, policy researchers, a behavioural economist, an architect and a clinical psychologist.

Close-Up’s director, Elliot Manches, has been an ethnographer since 2003. His work has won the Market Research Society’s ‘Excellence & Effectiveness Award For Best New Thinking’, and his films have been shown on the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV.

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