Some case studies

Whilst much of our work is confidential, below are a few ethnographic video case studies we can share with you.
You can find more of our latest projects on our blog, and read more client testimonials here.

Other Subjects

Here are some more subjects we’ve explored, to help our clients: evaluate, design, and communicate their policies, products, and services.

Behaviours around financial planning & pensions  |  Behaviours around water usage  |  Mobile technology usage  |  White goods branding  |  Home media usage  |  Transport experiences of young people with mobility issues  |  Mitigating young people’s binge drinking  |  Experiences of ‘entrenched disadvantage’  |  Experiences of a ‘welfare-to-work’ system  |  Socio-economic barriers in rural England  |  Refugee journeys from Syria  |  Context to and experiences of citizens’ assemblies Older people’s experiences of ‘ non-decent’ housing   |   Impacts of an after-school education charity  |  Attitudes to ageing  |  Later life community volunteering  |  Attitudes around driverless cars & autonomous vehicles  |  Measures around bovine TB  |  Experiences of an international volunteering exchange programme  |  Experiences of an international healthcare exchange programme  |  Attitudes to ‘smart drugs’  |  Attitudes to ‘mitochondrial replacement’  |  Attitudes to ‘stratified medicine’  |  Personal budgets for adult social care  |  Community health priorities  |  Experiences of: opioid use; osteoarthritis; diabetes; COPD; chemotherapy; Niemann Picks; ITP; multiple sclerosis; mitochondrial disease; kidney dialysis

Interviews with experts

We’ve also interviewed a number of industry experts:

Professor Alice RobertsAnatomist & Broadcaster   Dr Ben GoldacreAuthor & Broadcaster  |  Peter Stevens Former Head of Design, Lamborghini & McLaren  |  Greg InfeldFormer Chief Executive, T-Fal  |  Ian CallumDirector of Design, Jaguar  |  Rosie ArnoldBBH Creative Director, D&AD President  |  Camila BatmanghelidjhDirector, Kids Company  |  Sir Liam Donaldson Former NHS Chief Medical Officer  |  Sir John Gieve Former Deputy Governor of The Bank of England  |  Sir Andrew WittyCEO GlaxoSmithKline  |  Lucy De Groot Former Executive Director, IDeA  |  Karen JenningsAssistant General Secretary, UNISON  |  David Lammy, MPFormer Minister of Higher Education  |  Anne Milton, MPFormer Minister for Public Health  |  Phillip BlondeAuthor, Director of Respublica  |  Polly ToynbeeWriter & Politcal Commentator  |  David Bowles Head Of Public Affairs, RSPCA  |  Joanne McCartney – Deputy Mayor for Education & Childcare  |  Shirley RodriguesDeputy Mayor, Environment and Energy  |  Jonathan BrearleyCEO, OFGEM  |  Professor Sir Doug TurnbullDirector, Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research