Although much of our work is client / participant confidential, below are some examples we can share.

Our cameraperson’s showreel / Kendal Kempsey

Our Editor’s Showreel / Michelle Tsen

Thousands of British children are living like this: Campaign Ad / Children’s Rights Alliance for England 

We worked with several young people who have lived in temporary housing, to understand what life has been like for them, and come up with a respectful and effective way to communicate their experiences. The resulting campaign ad was shown to MPs at Westminster on the 25th October 2017.

What a refugee’s journey really looks like: ‘The Pianist of Yarmouk’ / Guernica Studios

‘The Pianist of Yarmouk’ was co-directed and edited by Elliot Manches. It mixes archive footage with interview and animation, to tell the story of Aeham Ahmad: a classically-trained musician attempting to escape the war in Syria for safety in Europe. Through the film, we’re also raising funds for the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Experiences of a Family Innovation Fund / Essex County Council

We visited families who were recipients of different forms of intervention through Essex’s Family Innovation Fund. Each family had their own story to tell. This video follows 12-year-old Lewis, who had been experiencing extreme behaviour at home. We looked at the context leading up to referral, the experience of support, and the overall impact. Our research contributed to a written report by the Office for Public Management.

Experiences of a Cultural Citizens Programme / The Arts Council England

The Arts Council funded a ‘Cultural Citizens Programme’ to promote arts and culture to young people who would not normally have access or an interest. We visited one of the pilot areas to find out: what was it like being on the programme, what were its impacts, and how could it be improved?