What are the impacts of an after-school support charity? / Into University

IntoUniversity runs after-school centres that provide academic support, mentoring and other constructive activities, for young people from less privileged backgrounds, to help them either attain a university place or purse another chosen aspiration.

As part of the charity’s 2019 evaluation report, we were commissioned to spend a month visiting one centre, in Brent, to create an in-depth ethnographic video case study about the place and its impact.

The results were incorporated into an Impact Report, assured by PwC, and a full qualitative Impact on Attainment report by Renaisi.

We then spent a few months taking photo portraits, with interviews, of 21 IntoUniversity students in their homes across the UK. For the portraits, we decided to take the theme of ‘what brings you most joy’. You can see some of the resulting portraits, with interview snippets, below.