About This Project

An insight into the lives of the ‘working poor’ / National Consumer Council


Five million working adults without children earn less than £18,500 a year.

As such, our client wanted to explore: what socio-economic barriers are faced by full-time, low-income workers? And what policy measures would reduce those barriers?


This is one of much our older, but still very pertinent, projects. We carried out several ethnographic case studies with participants from different demographics, which were edited together into one key-insights video. We focussed on people’s experiences of: jobs and money, housing and transport, time and relationships, and consumer services. The resulting insights informed a written report by the Office for Public Management, and the summary video was twice shown at the House of Commons. The film was also distributed in DVD format, with the sleeve containing a well-designed booklet of information, summarising each case study and our overall findings.


“You did a great job. The case studies were hugely effective in increasing the impact of our messages and in bringing them to life. It helped us to secure important policy changes and get the concerns of this consumer group firmly back on the policy agenda.”

– Senior Policy Advocate, National Consumer Council

Case Studies