Understanding life for people in Rural England / Commission for Rural Communities


This is one of our older projects. Around 750,000 rural households live below the poverty line, and unemployment is on the rise. As such, the Commission for Rural Communities wanted to know: what are the socio-economic barriers faced by people living in rural England? And what policy measures could be made to help?


Our ethnographic case studies focused on people’s experiences of: transport access, jobs and industry, housing, leisure facilities, and shops and services. Our findings complemented a written report by the Office for Public Management (now Traverse). The summary video has since appeared on the Community Channel, and been included in the French Ministry of Agriculture’s educational toolkit.


“Your work generated new insights into the multi-faceted and compound nature of rural exclusion. You bring a very professional approach and care greatly about the integrity of the work. Your ability to grasp complex topics, distil what’s needed to be communicated, and present it in a creative and accessible way is impressive.”

Chief Executive, Office for Public Management