My very old and out-dated director’s reel (I think from 2012!), featuring award-winning MTV music videos, short films, comedy skits etc:

Recent campaign ad I wrote, produced and directed for a children’s right charity – shown at the Houses of Parliament:

Recent ‘style’ test video, just trying out a filming aesthetic:

Example of directing a high-profile celebrity. This is one of three quick-turnaround promos featuring Samuel L Jackson, for a men’s cancer charity in collaboration with Men’s Health:

An example of stop-motion and illustrated animation. I wrote, directed, voiced and edited this ‘Clinician’s Guide To Personal Health Budgets’ for NHS England:

An example of the kind of ‘ethnographic research’ filmmaking I normally get up to. I hung out with some students to understand their experiences of a programme aimed at introducing ‘less privileged’ young people to arts and culture. My findings fed into a report, which I also designed, with recommendations on how maintain and improve the results of the programme:

I co-directed and edited this documentary about Aeham Ahmad, a classically-trained musician attempting to escape the war in Syria for safety in Europe. The film was also used to help funds for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and his since been shown at several international festivals, picking up a handful of best film awards: