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Assessing the impact of a ‘Cultural Citizens Programme’ / Arts Council England


Last year the Arts Council funded a ‘Cultural Citizens Programme’ to promote arts and culture to young people who would not normally have access or an interest. The programme was implemented by different organisations across the country. So our client wanted to find out: what was it like being on the programme, what were its impacts, and how could it be improved?


We visited a pilot area in Liverpool during and after the programme, to document the experiences of one school group there. Our ethnographic research focussed on the young people’s initial expectations, their experience, and the overall impact. Our findings fed into a written report by the Renaisi, published by the Arts Council. You can read the full report here.


“Working with Close-Up Research was a really positive experience, and we really appreciated your flexibility and patience. I felt very confident sending you to Blackpool, knowing something good would come back. I think this encapsulates both your sensitive approach and level of trust when working with people from vulnerable backgrounds. We were very pleased with the results, and the school loved the film. The level of insight you got out from the participants was particularly impressive. I’d definitely recommend you.”

– Head of Impact & Evaluation, Renaisi (commissioned the work on behalf of Arts Council England)

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