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Residential home ‘co-production’ programme / Leonard Cheshire


Leonard Cheshire runs residential homes across the UK for people with disabilities. Through a ‘human-centred co-production’ approach, their ‘Future Choices’ programme aimed to increase residents’ choice and control, and so improve the standard of care in their homes. As such, the client wanted to know: how well did their ‘person-centred’ process run, and what were the impacts?


We visited one home, Athol House, three times. Once during their group workshop, then some months later to observe the resulting activities, with a final visit for more in-depth follow-up interviews. Our findings feed into a written report to be published by the Office for Public Management (OPM), with the video being shown at stakeholder events, and appearing on Leonard Cheshire’s website.


“You were a pleasure to work with, warm in manner, organised, and able to provide constructive advice. The final product was high quality and effectively captured the complex programme that we were trying to implement. The film highlighted the importance of listening to our customers and involving them in decision-making, something we will build on with our new customer insight team and customer advisory council. We’ll be using the film to promote co-production both within the organisation and hopefully externally too.”

– Future Choices Strategic Lead at Leonard Cheshire Disability

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