About This Project

Being an agency or contract worker / REC


We were commissioned by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, to find out: why do some people choose to be freelance, contract or agency workers? And what are their resulting experiences?


We carried out several ethnographic case studies with participants of different backgrounds, which fed into REC’s final report. We also edited these individual studies into a single ‘all-in-one’ video, appearing above, to highlight the key insights from each study in a more PR-friendly format. 

Our focus was on understanding: a holistic view of each participant’s motivations, the benefits to the way they work, and the challenges. The full written report, with recommendations for employers and policy-makers, appears on the REC’s website, here.


“We knew that hearing from the people who chose to work this way directly would be more powerful than our survey findings alone. The resulting case studies were excellent. You obviously made the subjects feel very comfortable and created an atmosphere of trust, so they were prepared to be filmed in their homes getting ready for work, and to talk about quite personal issues like family health problems, pay rates and retirement plans. The case studies played an important part in our efforts to understand and communicate the role agency workers have in the labour market when engaging with key stakeholder organisations, including government.”

– Director of Communications & Research, REC

Case Studies