About This Project



OFGEM’s ‘Warm Home Discount’ scheme offered a range of advice and initiatives to help people, particularly low-income or ‘vulnerable’ customers, better manage their gas and electricity usage.

As such, the client wanted to know: how effective has OFGEM’s ‘Warm Home Discount’ scheme been? And what would help improve its effectiveness?


The case study above features Rizwana, one of our ethnographic research participants.

For these ethnographic studies, we focussed on understanding people’s: overall home life and lifestyle, household energy use, financial management, and engagement with energy advice.

Our case studies and resulting behavioural insights contributed to and accompanied a written report published by the Office for Public Management. The videos were also distributed by OFGEM online and at workshops.


“Your sensitive approach to understanding the actual person, rather than just another consumer, brought the findings to life in a way that a written report can never do.

Rather than just reading about generic consumer attitudes, my policy colleagues were exposed to real views from real people.

The case studies were shared more widely with industry participants at workshops to demonstrate the impact of the scheme and the difference it can make to consumers’ lives.”

– Senior Consumer Insight Manager at OFGEM

Case Studies