What a refugee’s journey really looks like: ‘The Pianist of Yarmouk’

A day after Donald Trump announced plans to bar Syrian refugees to the US, Guernica Projects release a short film I co-directed and edited, about the reality of the refugee journey.

This part of the refugee experience was something I was vaguely aware of, but didn’t fully comprehend – until being invited onto the project by my friend Vikram Ahluwalia. The subject is also pertinent with tomorrow being Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Pianist of Yarmouk tells the story of Aeham Ahmad: a classically-trained musician attempting to escape the war in Syria for safety in Europe.

Through the film, we’re also raising funds for the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Please watch, share and donate: www.thepianistofyarmouk.com 

Thanks. Elliot Manches.