Thousands of British Children are living like this

A Campaign ad we made is being shown to MPs in Westminster today. Big thanks to all involved.

Children’s Rights Alliance for England (@CRAE_Official) campaign video.
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The UK government is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which sets a six-week legal limit on temporary housing, and stipulates that every child has the right to grow up in a healthy environment. But thousands of British children without permanent homes are growing up in B&Bs, spending months and sometimes years there. The conditions are often damp, dirty, cold and unsafe. Demand that the government upholds children’s legal rights, to give every child a real home. Get in touch via #Homes4Children

Commissioned by CRAE, we worked with several young people who have lived in temporary housing, to understand what life has been like for them, and come up with a respectful and effective way to communicate their experiences.

Written, produced & directed by Elliot Manches
Cinematography by Kendal Kempsey
Art direction by Cecelia Morgan
Offline edit by Michelle Tsen
Online edit by Elliot Manches
Colour grade by Romain Kedochim
Production assistants: Rozita, Mark, Hamza, Siham, Jade, Renee
With the voices of: Jade, Renee and Anmol
Shot at Waddington Studios
Lighting kit from ProLighting London
Commissioned by CRAE

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Thanks, Elliot.

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